I see something…

One Little Finger!

Halloween: I want to bite your hand!

Topic 1. Listening: Friday I’m in love, The Cure. (1992)

Autumn colours!

Topic 1. Listening: Lemon Tree, Fools Garden. (1995)

Hi team!

We’re going to listen to a very famous song. English teachers… We just love it 😉

I hope you enjoy! And remember, fill in the gaps!

Teacher Montse

What’s the weather like today?

The bananas song!

Topic 1. Listening: Worry, Be Happy!

Hi team!

We’re going to listen to this song and try to fill in the gaps. Pay attention!

 Teacher Montse

Months of the year!

Hi kids!

Let’s try to write a little bit: days of the week and months of the year. If you can’t remember how to do it, try to sing the songs that we’ve practiced in class today.

Have a nice weekend;)

Teacher Montse

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