Elements of Art!

Homemade Paintbrushes!

Hi team!

Yesterday we painted with paintbrushes made with folded foam, clothespins, cotton balls and bottle corks. And also, we created our colours!

You had lot of fun!

Nice work,

teacher Montse

Mixing Colours!

What is Art?

Hi team!

What do you think? What is art? Do you like art?

We’re going to answer to these questions together.

Teacher Montse

Little Artists!

Little Artists!

Hi team!

Here you can see some of your acrostics;) Well done!

Teacher Montse

Taken from: Wikimedia Commons

“Fontaine”, Marcel Duchamp. (1917)

Hi team!

Is this Art? What do you think?

Try to answer these questions.

Teacher Montse

Your favourite painting is…

Taken from: Wikimedia Commons

The “Mona Lisa”, Leonardo da Vinci. (1503-1506)

Hi team!

Your favourite painting is… “Mona Lisa” at least, for most of you.

The Mona Lisa is probably the most famous portrait in the world, but not much is known about it. The picture was so important to Leornardo da Vinci that although he painted it for someone else, he refused to give up and kept it with him until he died.

Look into her eyes and at her mysterious smile. Is she looking at you? Is she following you? Is she happy? Is she sad?

No one knows the right answer, so your guess is as good as mine!

But now you know that publicity has an important role is your decisions… don’t you?

Enjoy the video!

Teacher Montse

Taken from: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/33/Van_Eyck_-_Arnolfini_Portrait.jpg

“The Arnolfini Portrait”, Van Eyck. (1434)

Hi guys!

Today we’ve talked about art, artists and paintings.

As I told you, my favourite painting is “The Arnolfini Portrait”. It’s by Jan van Eyck. He painted it in the fifteenth century.

In this painting the two people are in a bedroom and there is a chest, a bed, a lamp and a mirror.(You click on the mirror and you will discover something!

The wife is wearing a green and blue dress. She’s giving her hand to her husband. She feels calm.

The husband is wearing a brown and black coat. He’s taking his wife’s hand. He’s looking to the painter.

There is a small dog in the picture and there are a pair of sandals on the floor. On the left wall there is an open window and some fruit.

This painting makes me feel relaxed and happy because of the soft colours and the tranquility of the scene.

Maybe van Eyck was showing off a little in this painting because I think he used this picture to show how good his technique was. He was so proud that on the back wall of the room he has written in Latin, Johannes de eyck fuit hic (Jan van Eyck was here).

What’s your favourite painting? What’s your favourite artist?

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